Nghia Lo Province, Yen Bai - Yen Bai Vietnam

Nghia Lo is a former province, in northwestern Vietnam. Nghia Lo Province was established under Resolution renaming Thai Meo Autonomous Region in Northwest Autonomous Region of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, through September 27, 1962. Nghia Lo Province inception of 4 districts: Than Uyen, Mu Cang Chai, Phu Yen and Van Chan and Autonomous Region in Northwest. After this set up 2 Tram Tau and Bac Yen district. Its capital is the town of Nghia Lo.

Since December 27, 1975, was merged with the province of Yen Bai, Lao Cai province in the Hoang Lien Son, Bac Yen district except two in the south and Phu Yen provinces of Son La enter. From December 26, 1991, Hoang Lien Son is divided into two provinces of Lao Cai to Yen Bai; most Nghia Lo province (including Mu Cang Chai district, Van Chan, Tram Tau) was merged into the province of Yen Bai. Uyen district into separate provinces of Lao Cai, until 2004, then moved to the new Lai Chau province.


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